English MGMP Sitting for Halal Bihalal at Radita Restaurant

SMP English Teachers Forum of Kudus Regence has held the Halal Bihalal Event at Radita Resto, Dawe, Kudus on Tuesday, August 27, 2013. The event went with plenery meeting altogether in the same time.

 Starting at 10.00 am, all the participants sitting in the Radita Reataurant are greeted with remarks by the Chairman of the Committee Halal Bihalal, Dedi Triaprianto.He also explained the financial report and program of Kudus SMP English Teachers Forum for this year and next. Furthermore, the event is filled with a welcome address by coordinator of the forum, Mr. Surabiyo.

After the Greetings, the event continued with a lecture by Kyai H. Hamdan who was specially invited by committee. In his talk, he reminded the entire participants how importance of halal bihalal and of improving our worship. He said to remember that this life is only temporary, and to always keep your faith and piety in daily life.

The Analysis of Graduate Competence Standard 2012

bedah skl

The participants seriously did their tasks to design test items

One of the SMP English Teacher Forum (ETF) of Kudus regency’s programs to improve the result of English national examination is by holding the analysis of graduate competence standard or  Bedah SKL. The program was held twice. It was on 10 th and 17 th January 2012. The participants were 45 teachers who taught grade IX . The participants were limited in which one school may send its one teacher. As it is known, the SMP (state and private) in Kudus are 45. During two days, the participants discussed the guidelines  of national examination and designing the predicted test items. The participants were grouped into six. Each group designed one set of test items of national examination.  Read More…

Empowerment of SMP English Teacher Forum

SMP ETF Kudus RegencyThe teaching learning process is considered successful when the students are able to develop their language competence (listening, speaking, reading and writing). In fact, it is quite hard to make it. The SMP students in Kudus think English is difficult to master. One indicator is from the result of National Examination for English. The result is English gets number four among four subjects (Mathematics, Natural Science, Indonesian and English.

There are many factors that cause the low result of English in national examination. One of them is the teacher. Many of English teachers need improvement in their competence and teaching skills. Therefore the SMP English Teacher Forum (SMP ETF) of Kudus held activities to share. It was The Empowerment of SMP English Teacher Forum in Academic Year 2011 / 2012.  It was held from 13 th September to 20 th December 2011. The materials which were discussed were designing teaching models, the use ICT, designing lesson plan and syllabus, assessment and its rubric, action research and PKB and PKG.

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The English Debate Contest

English debate SMA/SMK/MA Kudus

The Chief of the Education, Youth and Sport Department of Kudus Regency had a visit to see the SMA English Debate Contest held by the SMP ETF

One of the SMP ETF of Kudus regency to facilitate the students to develop their competence, especially in speaking is English Debate Contest. The contest was for  SMA/SMK/MA students. It was held in SMP 2 Kudus on May 10th, 2011. The participants were coming from 8 senior high schools in Kudus. The contest began at 8 and ended at 4 p.m.  The contest was divided into three round, they were qualification, semifinal and final round. There were three things to consider in this debate, manner, matter and method.  The winner of the 2011 English Debate Contest for SMA students was SMA 1 Kudus. They had right to be the representative of Kudus in the province English debate contest. Read More…

Welcome to Our Forum

Thank you for your continued patience

This website is dedicated to English teachers in Kudus Regency that sharing and inspiring are very important and valuable. Now, we need to have an online forum as a place we discuss and learn together. In this website you can download many resources for students’ teaching and learning. Furthermore, you can also publish your ….