The Analysis of Graduate Competence Standard (BEDAH SKL) 2012

One of the SMP English Teacher Forum (ETF) of Kudus regency’s programs to improve the result of English national examination is by holding the analysis of graduate competence standard or  Bedah SKL. The program was held twice. It was on 10 th and 17 th January 2012. The participants were 45 teachers who taught grade IX . The participants were limited in which one school may send its one teacher. As it is known, the SMP (state and private) in Kudus are 45. During two days, the participants discussed the guidelines  of national examination and designing the predicted test items. The participants were grouped into six. Each group designed one set of test items of national examination. 

bedah skl

One of the facilitator presenting the materials of Bedah SKL

bedah skl

Discussing the test items

bedah skl

The committee getting involved in planning the program

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